Updated Match Official Abuse Policies

USA Rugby has issued new policies, effective immediately, regarding match official abuse.  PNRRS and the leagues it officiates are in discussions on implementation of the new match official abuse policies.  Please click the link to read the full statement.

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IRB Law Clarification: Head/Body Roll, and HIA Substitutions

The IRB has issued law clarification and law amendment trials in response to an inquiry by the RFU of England.  USA Rugby has instituted these amendment trials for officials in the US.  Download the PDF files by clicking on the links below.


  • Head and Body Rolls are also known as “Gator Rolls”, regarding wrapping and rolling an opponent off of a ruck, to take the opponent out of the ruck.
  • HIA = head-injury assessment

Law Clarification 4-2014, referencing Law 15.5 and Law 16.3: Use of “head rolls” or “body rolls” – IRB Law Clarification 4-2014

Law Clarification 5-2014, referencing Law 6: HIA Protocol – IRB Law Clarification 5 2014

USAR Accepting Applications to Officiate for a Season in New Zealand or South Africa

USA Rugby Referees are accepting applications for young, aspiring referees between the ages of 18-25 to officiate for a season on exchange (expenses paid) in New Zealand with the Canterbury Referee Association, or in South Africa at the Maties Academy.  The annual Shanagher Morrison Scholarship provides young USA referees to be immersed in a high-level development program for 3 months. Click here to learn how to apply by December 15th, 2014.

Fall 2014 Season Update from USA Rugby Referees

Please read the following guidance issued from Richard Every of USA Rugby Referees:

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USA Rugby Clarifies CIPP Process

Due to many issues being encountered with adding the background check in the CIPP process this year, USA Rugby took a moment to clarify some of the issues many players, coaches, and refs have asked about.  Please click the link to read more:

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USA Rugby Trust Asks “What does rugby mean to you?”

USA Rugby Trust is hosting a fundraising gala in Chicago Oct. 30th, two days before the big match against the All Blacks at Soldier Field. We are working on a video to show to open the gala.  It will be heartwarming and inspiring, and it will set the tone for a fun evening in support of growing rugby in the United States.

From USA Rugby:

We’d like to hear from all kinds of people who have been affected by rugby.  That includes anyone and everyone — not just players!  We want to hear from refs, coaches, players, fans, parents of players … anyone!


Please submit a 30-second video answering the questions:

  • What does rugby mean to you?
  • How has rugby changed your life?

You can upload videos to Dropbox, YouTube or Facebook and share the links with Alee at aquick@usarugby.org, or email video files directly.


Please share this email with anyone who you think would be interested in sharing a story with us.  And kindly send us your videos before Sept. 30.


Thank you and we look forward to hearing your stories!

Oct. 12: Level 1 Officiating Course in Eugene, OR

Level 1 Officiating Course
Date: October 12, 2014
Time: 8:00 am – 5:00pm; course classroom and outdoor practical training.
Location: Classroom TBA, University of Oregon Campus, Eugene, Oregon
Lead Educator: Bernie Brown (berniebrown1@frontier.com)
Pre-Course Requirements:

  • All students must be CIPP registered members of USA Rugby in order to participate in the course;
  • If you are a Player, Coach, or Administrator make sure you are also registered as a Referee.
  • Registration and payment of the course fee is at http://usarugby.org/referee-courses.
  • Find this course listed by date, type of course, and location and click on Register. Follow the registration instructions. When registration is complete, download the registration receipt and email it to Bernie Brown providing him, as well, your date of birth.
  • Registration Entry Dead Line is October 6, 2014.
  • Course fee: $50.

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Important Announcement for PNRRS Officer Positions

The 2014 PNRRS AGM was held at Centralia on Sunday September 14th. Thanks to all who took time from their schedules to attend, participate and vote at the AGM.

In even years PNRRS holds elections for its elected officer positions. The results of the elections are:

Chairman – Current Chair Peter Buckley – not standing for re-election.
No candidates were nominated.

Vice Chairman – Vacant
Jeff Hiatt was nominated and unanimously elected.

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Fall Season Update from Richard Every

A few notes from Richard Every, USA Rugby Referee Manager on common trends from Round 1 of the Fall Season:

  1. Raise our expectations at the TACKLE – the more we leave open to debate the less clear the players are on expectations and ultimately it leads to more PK’s in the game and possibly a card or two. High numbers of Tackle and Ruck PK’s often means a messy breakdown. Clean it up early.
  2. If the TACKLE is not cleaned up early then teams have to commit more players to the breakdown, ball availability is slower which then leads to defenses pushing the offside lines more.
  3. SPACE is essential to play the game in and the referee and AR’s have to work to create and maintain this space, especially at rucks and kicks in general play.
  4. SCRUM: Again, it needs not to be rushed. Three instructions and three actions. Has to be steady and square before the put-in. It would also be good to monitor the put-in to be credible.

Thanks for all you do!


USA Rugby Club 7s Champs a Success

PNRRS referees converged at the USA Rugby Club 7s National Championships at Starfire Sports in Tukwila, Washington over the August 9th and 10th weekend to support 90+ sevens matches in many different roles.  Hometown Seattle Saracens repeated their championship success in dramatic fashion in the final on Sunday, concluding a wildly successful tournament to showcase USA 7s Rugby.

Over 20 PNRRS referees, members, and volunteers worked the event and the Serevi 7s Cup (a youth invitational tournament), supporting USA National Panel 7s Referees in various roles including Assistant Referee, In-goal Judge, Substitution Manager, Substitution Controller, Scorekeeping, and Referee for all Serevi 7s Cup matches.

Both USA Rugby Referee staff and PNRRS administration, development officers, and allocators expressed their satisfaction with the tournament.  Read on to see their statements:

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