Welcome to the PNRRS website.

PNRRS’ main mission is to provide match officials to Youth, Collegiate, and Adult rugby in the Pacific Northwest States (ID, OR, WA). Here at http://www.pnrrs.org you’ll find resources for both referees and for club administrators.


  • Referees can find match report forms, kit ordering instructions, and educational sources under Referee Resources.
  • Referee contact information and a form for asking about how to become a referee are located under Contact Us.


Before the start of each season, PNRRS management work with the league managers to get a detailed list of all league and friendly fixtures that are planned for the season. We build an integrated schedule before the season starts and assign match officials (Referee, Assistant Referee, Ref. coaches etc..) as requested by the match organizer.

Generally we assign match officials ~2 weeks in advance of the match, ‘though there are often changes made later than that as match schedules change and referee availability changes.
We expect the club administrator to have made contact with the assigned match official by 5pm on the Wednesday before the game, providing details of the location and start time. If this contact is not made, we may reassign the referee during busy periods.

If a game needs to be cancelled / re-scheduled, please let the allocators know as soon as you can. For matches cancelled within 3 days of planned start, we reserve the right to charge the home team match fees if we are not able to reassign the referee in time. This may include travel expenses (if any) for occasions where we have bring a referee from a distance.

If PNRRS is unable to assign a referee to a game, we will note the game as being assigned to “Club Referee”. This signifies that the home team is responsible for locating a suitable referee for the match. PNRRS will not invoice the club for this game.

  • To see a list of the matches that PNRRS is currently aware of and find details of allocated match officials go to Allocations.
  • If your game doesn’t show up in the list of games on the allocations page, it means that we do not know about it, and are not currently planning on sending any match officials. To notify us that the is an outstanding game and ask for a PNRRS referee to be allocated to a match or tournament please submit a referee request at least three weeks in advance to ensure an assignment.
  • To find contact details for Pacific NW Referees, go to Referee Contacts.
  • Forms for commenting on a referee can be found under Contact Us.
  • Teams in arrears as listed below will not be allocated referees until their account is paid in full. Please contact the PNRRS Treasurer to resolve the matter. Checks are payable to: PNRRS Treasurer, 6051 126th Ave NE, Kirkland Wa, 98033.

“Don’t permit fear of failure to prevent effort. We are all imperfect and will fail on occasions, but fear of failure is the greatest failure of all.” – Coach John Wooden