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RugbyWA and Rugby Idaho elevated standards: Dangerous Tackles

Some of the Rugby Washington coaches have asked to remind referees officiating their matches of two areas of elevated standard that the RugbyWA board and PNRRS exec have agreed.

  • Dangerous tackles: Deal with immediately. DO NOT play advantage.
  • High tackles, tip tackles, no wrap, horse collar, player in the air, dangerous slinging, early / late tackles: this year, “High” is defined as armpits and higher.
  • Zero tolerance for Punching or Stamping: In RugbyWA and Rugby Idaho games these are ALL red card offenses!

43rd State Lions St. Paddy’s Day Invitational

Please see the attached flyer for information on attending the 43rd State Lions St. Paddy’s Day Invitational in Boise.  Any referees interested in working the tournament, please contact Vince Spagnolo (see email address in the flyer).

2015 43rd State Lions St. Paddy’s Day Invitational

Spring 2015 Availability Responses Crucial

Spring 2015 Availability questionnaires were distributed earlier in January.  If you haven’t received one yet, please contact DJ Heffernan (djheff1@gmail.com) to get a re-sent questionnaire.

Communicating your availability is crucial to the smooth running of the society that we get as many of the referees as possible to fill this in and send it back – it makes the thankless task of allocating refs much easier if we know who’s available and when.

Our number of games is growing a lot this year – something close to 20% increase – and we remain pretty tight on available referees, so please do your bit to help our favorite sport continue to grow.

Even if you’re not available a lot, or are unsure about availability for some weekends etc., let us know when you are available – makes it much easier to figure out who to call when we need help.

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High School Game Management Guidelines Conference Call

Kurt Weaver, USA Rugby Youth and High School Director & Elite Panel Referee, would like to host a quick call to review the changes to the 2015 High School Game Management Guidelines. He will specifically focus on squeezeball and tackle height changes.

The call will take place on Jan. 26th at 6pm Mountain Time (8pm Eastern, 5pm Pacific). Call in information is listed below:

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Rugby Oregon Referees Must Be Concussion Certified

For anyone planning on refereeing any Rugby Oregon games, there is a requirement by Rugby Oregon that you have taken the Concussion Course within the last year. Your certificate must show that you completed the course after June of 2014. Go to the following link to take the course and obtain the certificate. It takes about 30 minutes and is free. If you already have a certificate dated after June 2014, send a copy of it to Peter Tuck (peter@olsonengr.com).


  • Concussion in Sports– annual training required – FREE – part of USA Rugby Player Protection Package.

Rugby WA FLATS Document

Rugby WA has published a document highlighting referee and coach priorities when reffing or managing youth rugby matches in Washington State.  All referees (non-youth referees included) should familiarize themselves with the FLATS acronym and focus topics for developing youth rugby.

Rugby WA: FLATS 2015

Rugby WA Coach List Updated

Rugby WA has updated its contact list for member club’s coaches.  Please refer to the updated list below if you need to contact a Rugby WA coach prior to a match.


Dec 2014 Rugby WA Coach List