Scrum Engagement: Leaning on Opponents

See below for guidance regarding scrum engagements from the National office. Remember this is for the highest level rugby, so you might want to use a little more management at the average match level before getting too drastic on players.

The directive video was clear that players are not to lean on each other during the engagement process, however, it appears teams are not complying and referees are not managing it correctly. Here is the process we will follow:

  1. All players are to maintain their own body weight.
  2. No feet back to lean against their opponents’ shoulders.¬†We understand that ear to ear is close but no leaning against opponents.
  3. If the referee identifies this they will blow their whistle, communicate to the players the issue and restart the engagement process.
  4. If it continues, a FK will be awarded against the offender/s.
  5. On the second occasion by the same team a PK will be awarded.
  6. The third will be a PK and Yellow Card.

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