Match Report Forms

Match officials are expected to submit report forms for matches that they officiate after every game. We have moved to using Who’s the Ref ( as the mechanism for match and card reporting for all leagues.

Normal expectation is that a Match report is completed and submitted within 48 hours of the conclusion of the game.
USA Rugby disciplinary policy is that if a red or yellow card has been issued in a match, then a preliminary report should be filed within 2 hours of completion of the game. An email, text message, or phone call is acceptable for these preliminary reports, and should be directed to the Regional Allocators.

All match reports and Red or Yellow Card reports are filed using the Who’s the Ref assignment software.

Log in to your Whos the ref account, bring up your game in the fixtures view. To the right of the game, you will see an icon with the letters ‘MR’. Click that to bring up the Match Report form and fill out all the data.

If a red or yellow card was issued in the match, you need to take an additional step. There’s a small ‘+’ sign next to the Match report Icon. Clicking that will bring up the icons for Red Card Report, and Yellow Card Report. Select the appropriate one, and fill in the relevant details.

If there’s any reason why you cannot complete these steps, please get in touch with your Regional Allocator for guidance (ID: Mark Kubinski; OR: Gavin Curtis; WA: Geoff Freeman)