Preparations for 2017-2018 season as Match Officials

Gang – If you’re going to referee this year we need you to do two things to get ready for the season:

1) Renew your CIPP with USA Rugby

2) Be registered on WhosTheRef and have filled in your availability (so the allocators can figure out when you want to referee).
For #1, the 2017-2018 registration year is open now. Some people are having issues with registration, being asked to take either a ‘safesport’ or ‘concussion management’ certification.

Both of these are new for 2017 for referees, ‘though some of us who are coaches and educators have taken them in years past. The courses are located at:
Safesport- Safesport.
Concussion Management for the General Public- Concussion Mangement.

For #2. Go to WhosTheref, log in using your credentials. On the left side of the home page there is a menu item called “availability”. Fill in your availability as far in advance as you can. You can come back and edit it at any stage, so if your availability changes through the season, or other commitments come up that mean you can’t make a particular Saturday morning; then just go and update the fields.

So far we have 18 refs CIPP registered with PNRRS for the upcoming season. The season starts this weekend! We are not able to assign match officials who are not currently registered as referees.
No big deal if you want to CIPP as a referee to your home club instead of PNRRS, but if you do go this route, please send John Clavin an email with the details, just so we know you’re good for the season.

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