PNRRS Fall 2017 Pre-Season Newsletter

Hello Referees,

CIPP Registration is open
Last year’s memberships expire in two weeks and the fall season is about to begin.  Make sure you get over to the membership site and renew your status for the new season.  This year they renewal rate for Referees has gone up slightly, accounting for the cost of background checks.

New Law Trials for Fall 2017
World Rugby has issued several trial laws that are in force for all competitions in the United States as of 8/14.  There are 15 changes, the official documentation is here.  A lot of small simplifications to, especially, eliminate tip-toeing around various boundary lines in Rugby.  The big changes here will be the 1-player rucks and the prohibition against kicking the ball through a ruck.  Many of the rest are relatively rare events, but it will be hard to not have a ruck under these variations.

  • Uncontested scrums due to Red or Yellow card or injury must be played with 8 players per side.
  • Play the restart after a penalty awarded at full time is kicked into touch without touching another player.
  • In a multiple penalty situation the non-offending captain may choose which mark to play.
  • A Penalty Try is worth 7 points – there is no longer a conversion attempt.
  • The tackler must play from their side of the tackle gate after regaining their feet.
  • A ruck may be formed by a single player over the ball on the ground.
  • A player must not kick a ball out of a ruck: penalty.
  • A player must have both feet on or behind the 22 and the ball must reach the plane before being caught to make a mark.
  • If the ball crosses the plane of a line before being touched the touching player has not carried it across that line; though if the player bats it back across that line while in the air, play on.
  • Scrum may be fed with no signal from the referee.
  • Scrum half may set their shoulder on the line of the middle of the scrum, feed must still be straight.
  • After the ball hits the ground in the scrum any player may attempt to hook it, one player from the feeding team must attempt to hook it.
  • The #8 may pick the ball up from the feet of the second row.
  • If the ball has not crossed the plane of the goal line before being picked up by a player behind the goal line, the player has taken possession of the ball in the field of play.
  • If a player with one or both feet behind the dead ball line picks up or catches a ball that hasn’t reached the dead ball line (or touch in goal line) that player is deemed to have made the ball dead.


Referee Abuse and PNRRS Withdrawal from Rainier Rugby Club events
Over the summer the Referee Society withdrew our participation from matches with the Rainier Club, as per our policy on repeated referee abuse.  This was the first time we had to invoke the policy and we did not do this lightly.  Rainier racked up five instance of referee abuse in a little over one year.  On the whole we’ve seen an uptick in referee abuse at the youth and college levels, with female referees eight times more likely than their male counterparts to receive abuse.

The recent record of referee abuse by the Rainier Club includes:
• April 2016: Rainier Coach threatened a referee, verbally and physically, and was given a significant ban.
• April 2016: Verbal abuse as well as a coach entering the field to scream at the referee, handled in house with no publicly applied sanctions.
• March 18th 2017: Verbal abuse of a referee, referee quit officiating rugby matches
• April 29th, 2017:  Verbal abuse of a referee, with three lengthy bans pending.
• July 1st, 2017:  Incident at Rugby WA 7s, resulting in referee abuse, a fight during the match, and abandonment of a tournament final match.

A copy of our abuse policy is available here:  PNRRS Referee Abuse Policy.
Our withdrawal was for the remainder of the summer season, Rainier Club events may be allocated again from here out (assuming they do not relapse into abuse).

While this was a big step, to withdraw officials from a club for the balance of the season, it is for nothing if we cannot together change the culture in youth rugby.  For that we need to know when abuse happens.  It is unacceptable for players, coaches, or fans to be screaming at referees during a match and we need every referee to report it when it happens.  We also have a problem with respect towards women and need these instances reported as well as new strategies to help our partner leagues clean their culture up.

If you have passion around referee abuse or ideas on how we can right the ship please get in touch.

National Fitness Requirements
Referees with aspirations for national appointments have until the end of the month to report their fitness level for the new season.  The standard by grade is listed below, with the YoYo preferred going foward.

Report scores HERE.

USARR Yo-Yo protocol LINK

Fall 2017 Passing Fitness Scores
Grade YoYo Beep
Elite 18.5 12.6
NP 18 12
B 17 11
C1 17 11
C2 16 10

If you want to get a match, or get paid for doing a match, you must update your Availability in WhosTheRef.
We are in the process of collecting and inputting the various league schedules for the fall season.  Now is the time to update your availability in WhosTheRef.  Taking this time to also make sure your contact information is correct will help both the allocators and the treasurer.  We require that match reports be filed within 48 hours, a disciplinary committee cannot act before the next match if the reports are not filed and there is no time to work through their DC process.  Additionally, we require separate Red and Yellow card reports for each such card.  The DCs decide what to do with the offenses, not the officials.  We need Name, CIPP, Offense, Law, and some context – what was happening in the game when the card was issued.

The Society has issued referee reimbursements three times in the last six months, if you haven’t been reimbursed please let us know. Going forward we will be using the match reports in WhosTheRef as the authority for who gets paid for doing society matches.  Match reports are associated with each assignment in the system there should be no more confusion from the report about which side from a given club, or which club participated, or date the match occurred on for a given report.  But this means we all need to do a new thing for our match reports, here’s how:

1)Accept your appointments.  You can’t file a report on a match you haven’t accepted.  If you end up doing a match you were not assigned to (like a 7/8 match after the varsity event) the allocators can assign you to a match after the fact if you let them know.
2)After the match date buttons show up in WhosTheRef next to your appointment.
3)Click the Match Report Button
4)Fill out the Match Report details
5)Click the ‘Final’ checkbox
6)Submit the report by clicking the Green Check-marked Disk Icon
7)If any Red or Yellow Cards were issued click the plus and then the appropriate card(s).
8)Fill out the details
9)Click the ‘Final’ checkbox
10)Submit the report(s)

The match report buttons do not show up until after the match has been played for those officials who accepted their match appointments.  Referees can only accept their appointments up to the scheduled match date.

Please let us know if you want to hear more, less, or help out.

Thank you for all you do for the game.

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