Global Law Trials 2017-2018

As they often do between World Cups, World Rugby has introduced several changes to law to evaluate whether they make the game better. “Better” is always a bit subjective, however WR were aiming to simplify certain aspects of the game and to make it flow more and be more entertaining to the general public. The law trials for this period are listed at the link below, and have been tested in limited closed trials in various competitions around the world during the 2016-2017 season. WR has determined that the following changes have the desired effects, and have introduced them for all rugby. USA Rugby introduced them as being the official laws of Rugby in the USA as of August 14th 2017.

Official law change page – World Rugby Global Law Trials. Links to a list of the changed laws with a short video or video to illustrate the desired new behavior and interpretation.

USA Rugby have provided two information broadcasts:
A Webinar on the New Laws – USA Rugby Laws Webinar.
A Facebook Live Q&A – Weaver & Summers on the New Laws.

In the Pacific NW, Michelle O’Brien, Lynn Howard, and Peter Buckley organized a FB live demo session with Valley Kangaroos RFC MOB, Lynn, & Peter @ Valley.


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