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Pre-Match/Post Match Protocol and Referee Abuse

We each have developed a pre-match/post match routine but consider what Richard Every, USA’s High Performance Referee Manager, recently posted for pre and post match interactions with teams and coaches.

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Match Rosters Due Before PNRFU Matches

PNRFU requires referees to receive match rosters prior to the start of any PNRFU organized match.
The roster does not have to be in any specific form, however should be a list of the players names, CIPP number, match day shirt number, and an indication of their capability to play in the front row if required.
It should also contain the name and CIPP number of the coach that is in attendance.
It is not the referees duty to verify the identities of the names on the roster – if there’s a doubt, that is something for PNRFU to sort out.
Currently PNRFU games in our region are D2 Men, D3 Men, D2 Women, and Small Colleges. This also includes any second side games that we referee.

RugbyWA and Rugby Idaho elevated standards: Dangerous Tackles

Some of the Rugby Washington coaches have asked to remind referees officiating their matches of two areas of elevated standard that the RugbyWA board and PNRRS exec have agreed.

  • Dangerous tackles: Deal with immediately. DO NOT play advantage.
  • High tackles, tip tackles, no wrap, horse collar, player in the air, dangerous slinging, early / late tackles: this year, “High” is defined as armpits and higher.
  • Zero tolerance for Punching or Stamping: In RugbyWA and Rugby Idaho games these are ALL red card offenses!

World Rugby Clarification, 1 2015: Time at end of half/game


1. If a try is scored with very little time remaining in the half (or the game), should there be a restart kickoff?
2. Similarly, if a penalty is awarded with little time remaining, can a team kick to touch and then have the lineout?

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2015 USA Rugby Equipment and Clothing Guidelines

USA Rugby has distributed the 2015 Equipment and Clothing Guidelines, detailing what is legal and illegal equipment and clothing as deemed by rugby law.  Please distribute this to any players, coaches, and clubs as well.


2015 Equipment and Clothing Guidelines

43rd State Lions St. Paddy’s Day Invitational

Please see the attached flyer for information on attending the 43rd State Lions St. Paddy’s Day Invitational in Boise.  Any referees interested in working the tournament, please contact Vince Spagnolo (see email address in the flyer).

2015 43rd State Lions St. Paddy’s Day Invitational

Scrum Engagement: Leaning on Opponents

See below for guidance regarding scrum engagements from the National office. Remember this is for the highest level rugby, so you might want to use a little more management at the average match level before getting too drastic on players.

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Portland Referee Meetings Kickoff Feb. 11th

Attention referees in North West Oregon and South West Washington and surrounding areas (and even further afield if you’re in town or don’t mind the travel).

The monthly Referee meetings held in Portland kick off again on February 11th. If you would like to be sent more information, updates, meeting reminders, etc. please send Lance Henwood ( your email address.

Dates: 6:30pm to 8:30pm every 2nd Wednesday of the month February to June

Venue: Jim Kautz’s Office (Bitar Brothers Ltd., 2929 E Burnside Street, Portland, OR 97214)

Next Meeting: Wednesday February 11th 2015

Next Agenda:

  • USA Rugby Requirements
  • Organization for Spring Season
  • Up-coming Local Events:
    • Prez Fest February 21-22
    • High School Preseason Tournament February 28.
  • High School (U19) Game Management Guidelines

Look forward to seeing you there!

USARR 2015 Focus Areas Video

USA Rugby Referees showed the following video at the 2015 National Development Summit.  Please review the video for guidance on various aspects of game management, techniques, and definitions.

The video has been permanently placed on our “USA Rugby Resources” page under “Referee Resources”.

USARR 2015 Focus Areas (presented at 2015 NDS):

Youth Rugby GMG Guidance (U-19 and below)

Posting an email from PNRRS Chairman, John Clavin distributed to PNRRS Referees on January 22, 2015:

For the first time that I can recall, USA Rugby have brought out a set of Game Management Guidelines specifically aimed at high school (U-19) rugby and making some clear statements about how the referees should interpret the laws of the game.

I’ve gone through the HS GMG and outlined below are the areas where there are differences compared to the guidance for adult 15s rugby, or where there is a significant change of emphasis for both.These are not optional, so if you’re going to referee youth rugby you must follow these guidelines. Where my descriptions don’t make sense to you, please go and read the USA Rugby Referees – 2015 High School Game Management Guidelines:



  1. Referee abuse from sidelines: No tolerance, warn the miscreant ONCE; if repeated, eject from the ground. (All versions of rugby)

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